Top 10 world news: Covid rampage in China, S.Korea, Belarus to join Russia-Ukraine war, and more

As coronavirus continues its rampage, the World Health Organization (WHO) has attributed the rise in Europe’s cases to the hasty and ‘brutal’ lifting of Covid restrictions. In China’s capital, people are panic buying as the country’s biggest outbreak brings with it the threat of lockdowns. In South Korea, the cases have reached 10 million.

On the 28th day of the Russian attack on Ukraine, Moscow has now announced that Russia will only accept rubles for gas deliveries from “unfriendly” countries. Meanwhile, even as the US and its allies discuss barring Moscow from G20, China has backed its friend nation, calling it an important member.

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Europe’s ‘brutal’ lifting of covid precautions behind the rise in cases: WHO

Covid curbs in several European countries were lowered too aggressively, thereby causing a rise in cases likely due to the more transmissible BA2 variant, says the World Health Organization (WHO).

Putin says will accept only rubles for gas sales to ‘unfriendly nations’

In a major blow to the Western countries, President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia will only accept rubles for gas deliveries from “unfriendly” countries.

Belarus could join Russia’s war against Ukraine ‘in next few days’: Report

Russia’s ally Belarus could soon join Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, CNN reports citing officials from US and NATO. The news outlet, quoting sources from the Belarus opposition, claimed that thousands of Belarusian forces are prepared to be deployed and can land Ukraine any time in the “next few days”.

As US, allies talk of expelling Russia from G20, China defends Moscow, calls it an ‘important member’

Despite suggestions by some members that Russia could be barred from the group, Beijing has backed President Vladimir Putin in planning to attend the G20 summit in Indonesia later this year.

Mariupol: What makes this port city strategically important to Russia?

Mariupol is a pivotal target in Putin’s war – providing a land bridge between Russian forces in Crimea to the southwest and Russian-controlled territory to the north and east. Find out more!

Shanghai residents panic, sleep in office as lockdown threats loom amid China’s biggest COVID-19 outbreak

As Shanghai struggles to control a Covid spike, worried citizens are now swamping online grocery platforms to stock up on food over fears of impending lockdowns.

Republican Lindsey Graham draws flak after asking Ketanji Brown Jackson’s religion during Senate hearing

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is drawing widespread flak online for inquiring about the faith of Ketanji Brown-Jackson, who is US President Joe Biden’s nominee to become a judge in the US Supreme Court. 

South Korea: Covid cases top 10 million, funeral homes overwhelmed

Authorities in South Korea said that the total number of coronavirus infections in the country had topped 10 million. This is nearly 20 per cent of the country’s population.

Transplantation of organs from deceased COVID-19 patients is safe and possible. Here’s how

In a study, it was found that organ donation from dying donors who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 is safe and does not cause COVID-19 in the patient receiving the organ donation.

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