Russia-Ukraine war: Kyiv objects to Nepal issuing climbing permits to Russians, wants them to be banned

Russian shelling in Ukraine continues despite peace talks

However, officials in Nepal say they will continue to issue permits to anyone abiding by the government’s rules and regulations

“There has been no change in our policy so far,” the director general of Nepal’s tourism department, Taranath Adhikari, told the BBC.

“We believe our mountains are global assets and any countries’ citizens willing to visit them for attainment of peace should be allowed to do so – as long as they do it within our legal provisions.”

The Ukrainian embassy in Delhi reportedly said that it made the request to the Nepalese embassy in the Indian capital on 21 March, but Nepalese embassy officials told the BBC they had received no communication on the issue.

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During spring last year, a record 408 climbing permits were issued from the Nepali side, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in which 49 Russians and 19 Ukrainians were registered on Nepalese mountains higher than 8,000m, according to the Himalayan Database, which records data related to mountaineering in the Nepalese Himalayas.

Out of them, 14 Russian and six Ukrainian climbers were on Everest.

According to local media reports, Nepal is expecting over 300 climbers to receive permits this year.

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