Attack on female diners in China: Deputy police chief fired, investigation underway

Investigations into how five police officers in Tangshan, China, behaved during a vicious attack on a group of women at a restaurant have led to the removal of a deputy police director from his position.

The five, including Ma Aijun, the district chief of the Lubei police force, were charged with “seriously breaking discipline and legislation,” according to the provincial discipline committee of Hebei province. Separately on Tuesday, the public security office of the province of Hebei stated that Li, Ma’s deputy, had been fired.

It was widely denounced when four ladies were attacked at a BBQ restaurant on June 10. A man was seen in CCTV footage posted online laying his hand on a woman’s back as she ate with two other people.

The man approached the woman, who pushed him away, and struck her before dragging her outside and beating her mercilessly while she lay on the ground. A second woman was thrown to the ground.

The hospital received two female patients. Two other people reportedly suffered minor injuries, but it later turned out that the wounds were more severe than initially thought by the authorities.

The suspects allegedly fled the scene, and the police did not show up for about 30 minutes, according to the state-owned Global Times. Since the attack, nine guys have been detained.

One of the most talked-about subjects in China over the past week or so has been the attack and violence against women more generally. However, some Chinese journalists who attempted to cover it have reported that the local government has interfered with their excursions to Tangshan.


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