9 Incredible Underwater Architecture Projects Around the World – Architectural Digest

With 71% of the Earth’s surface covered in ocean, it was only a matter of time before underwater architecture became a growing trend in urban design. Though submerged habitats have existed since the ’60s—generally used for marine research purposes—underwater hotels, restaurants, and museums have flourished all across the globe in the past decade. These hospitality and tourism initiatives certainly offer an experience unlike anything that can be done on land, but many of these projects aren’t solely for human pleasure. Rune Grasdal, architect and project manager at Snøhetta, spoke with AD in 2019 saying the idea of an underwater structure was “very intriguing,” when the firm was approached to design a submerged restaurant off the coast of Norway.

These conversations ultimately resulted in Under, a five-star restaurant beneath the Atlantic Ocean in Lindesnes. “The structure not only was going to be used as a restaurant but also would play an important role as a marine research center,” he said at the time. Underwater architecture is still a relatively new concept, but the possibilities are as deep as the ocean itself. Below, AD surveys nine exquisite examples of underwater architecture you can visit today.