Songs that became more popular because of TikTok

ONE of the things I learned recently is that the TikTok-viral song “Amakabogera” was originally performed by Maymay Entrata. 

While we’re at it, I also realized that “Forevermore,” a song used for TikTok videos mostly showing Filipino women fetching their foreigner boyfriends from the airport, was sung by Jed Maddela. I know that I’m not the only person who (now) associates songs with TikTok videos and trends. The social-media platform has definitely had a huge impact on our lives. Artists who are already very popular, like Billie Eilish, gain more fans for themselves and their music because of TikTok. Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” was released in 2021 but it’s still very popular on TikTok. This song has been covered by Austin Sanders on TikTok and his video has millions of views.

Another song that trended on TikTok was SB19’s “Mapa,” which is used for videos where creators express their gratitude to their parents, parent figures, and mentors.

Of course, any song that SB19 releases becomes viral but when used for TikTok videos, “Mapa” becomes even more special.

Some of songs are usually repurposed and remixed but many are used in their original context.

So, here are the other songs that are very popular or became popular on TikTok:

“Carrying Your Love With Me” by George Strait. This 1997 song was repurposed for TikTok and is used for the trend where people show their tattoos, scars, piercings and even dog fur as signs of love for other people, animals and things. 

“Beggin’” by Måneskin. This 2017 song is about unrequited loved and it’s very catchy, so a lot of TikTok creators have been using it. The lyrics include, “I’m beggin’, beggin’ you/And put your loving hand out, baby/I’m beggin’, beggin’ you/And put your loving hand out, darlin’.”

“Left and Right” by Charlie Puth and Jungkook of BTS. The fan edit of this fun bop has given birth to a viral dance, which has been performed by Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi, volleyball players Kianna Dy and Majoy Baron, RJ of The Juans and Stell of SB19, and AC Bonifacio, Andrea Brillantes, Darren Espanto, Jeremy Glinoga, Angela Ken and Sheena Belarmino.

“Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo. This song is the third single from Rodrigo’s debut album Sour and it became viral on beauty TikTok where creators used the track to show themselves getting glammed-up. Another version has creators using the “Vintage Camcorder” effect.

“Paro Paro G” by Sandy Oliverio. A few months ago, this song was very big on TikTok, with millions dancing to the remix. It’s still very popular although not as much at it was before. The song wasn’t just viral on Pinoy Tiktok. It was also popular in Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Cambodia, the United States, and Moscow.

“Jiggle Jiggle” by Louis Theroux. Theroux is a British journalist whose Oxford-accented rap became viral on TikTok and YouTube, and even gave birth to a collaboration with Jason Derulo. Believe it or not, “Jiggle Jiggle” was born in 2000 when Theroux met some rappers and he rapped, “Jiggle Jiggle/I love it when you wiggle/It makes me want to dribble/Fancy a fiddle?” during a show.

“Tap In” by Saweetie. TikTok star Lesley Gonzalez started a trend by dancing to “Tap In” and since then, there have been millions of videos on the platform.

“Fireflies” by Adam Young and Owl City. This is a 2009 song that’s been popularized again on TikTok. The song is often used for videos with a certain aesthetic on the platform.

“Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. This 1985 song has had a resurgence, thanks to the Netflix hit show Stranger Things. Of course, this popularity got to TikTok. In 2021, Bush’s other song “Babooshka” was also a hit on the platform.