Russians wipe out own special force unit in friendly fire fiasco as army infighting rages

Kyiv confirmed on Monday last week that it had launched its long anticipated counterattack in Ukraine’s south. Oleksiy Arestovych, a senior adviser to President Zelensky, claimed that Ukraine’s army had broken though Russian defences in several sectors of the frontline near the city of Kherson. However, he cautioned against expecting a quick victory and urged people to be patient.

Mr Arestovych said the counterattack was a “planned slow operation to grind the enemy”.

Despite a news blackout on the offensive by Ukraine’s military high command, reports continue to circulate of intense battles raging across the southern front.

And now it appears the pressure of the situation has got to Russia’s commanders, who mistakenly targeted their own troops during an intense firefight with their opponents.

A Ukrainian fighter called Victor claimed a Russian officer gave an artillery unit the wrong coordinates for a strike.

He wrote: “In the Kherson Region, one of the Rashist commanders gave the wrong coordinates to the artillery.

“Instead of the positions of the Armed Forces, they destroyed their special unit.”

News of the Russian own goal was celebrated by Ukrainian social media users.

L.Mukuta wrote: “Such work should be rewarded! Keep up the good work!”

While @alenushkagood commented: “And why do you think it’s accidental?

“Maybe it’s the hand of God.”

It comes amid reports of further deadly clashes between regular Russian units and Chechen fighters.

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WarMonitor, an OSINT investigator who regularly comments on the invasion, posted: “The Russian army fights among itself.

“Buryats and ‘Kadyrovtsy’ staged a firefight among themselves for control over the city in Vasylivka, the Zaporizhzhia region

“Both sides are reported to have taken significant losses.”

He added: “These two groups have been recorded to fight throughout the war.

“Mainly due to Buryats being put on the front of assaults and Kadyrovites coming in after the battles and trying to take the spoils for themselves.”