Public health worker killed by ‘pack of dangerous dogs’ while following up on previous attack

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An Alabama public health employee was killed on Friday by “a pack of dangerous dogs” while following up on a previous dog attack. 

Jacqueline Beard’s body was found on Crumpton Road outside of Red Bay after someone called about a suspicious vehicle, according to a Facebook post from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies arrived, some of the dogs were attacking residents and one person received minor injuries.  

USA TODAY has reached out to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. 

“Some of the dogs had to be euthanized immediately,” the sheriff’s office said. 

Beard was pronounced dead at the scene. She was following up on an incident where a woman was attacked by the same pack of dogs earlier in the week, according to the sheriff’s office. 

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They believe she was killed while trying to make contact with the owner, Brandy Dowdy. Dowdy was arrested and charged with manslaughter and dangerous dog law, according to the post from the sheriff’s office. 

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