‘Pray for me’ Mike Tindall takes on huge challenge for cause close to his heart

The former England rugby player, who is married to the Queen’s granddaughter Zara, is cycling 770km (478 miles) over the Alps next month to raise money for Cure Parkinson’s. The charity – which is working to find ways to slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s disease – is a cause close to Mike’s heart as his father Phillip Tindall was diagnosed with the condition in 2003.

Mike took to Instagram to post a video about his upcoming challenge.

The 43-year-old is taking on the cycle with a group, including people with Parkinson’s disease.

Mike said: “It’s just dawned on me that in 10 days’ time I am cycling over the Alps and haven’t really started fundraising so I thought I’d put out this video for Cure Parkinson’s.

“Four years ago we started with the Ray Pirani from the west to east coast of the most southerly towns in France.

“This time we’re doing the Red Alpine, so we’re starting at Lake Geneva and we are heading to Nice over the Alps.

“It’s 770km I think is the total that we’re doing and we’re going pretty much over Everest two and a bit times.

“18,000 metres of climbing I think which as a 100kg man doesn’t really sit that well with me.”

The ex-England rugby player asked his followers to donate and “pray for me”.

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“There are a lot of drugs out there that we’re really hopeful about and if you want to know anything more go to the Cure Parkinson’s website.

“We’re leading the way in the research and bringing research from around the world together so any support you can give will be massively appreciated.

“Please donate, please help out. I’m sure I’ll need picking up.

“I’ll try and check in as many times as I can when we’re on the ride but any donations would be massively appreciated.

“We are trying to find the cure, unfortunately the cure and clinical trials cost money but please give generously and pray for me.”

Mike’s post prompted a series of comments from other Instagram users wishing him good luck.

One with the username pawpower35 commented: “Good luck, my Dad died of MSA a form of Parkinson’s plus, it’s a horrible horrible disease.”

Another, gorman_irish, wrote: “Well done and thanks. Donating in honour of my Dad who had it when not many drugs around.”

A third, debbie5418gram, said: “Good Luck Mike won’t be easy but sure you will all do well and raise a lot of funds to help with Parkinson’s Disease.”