New Zealand v France: Women’s Rugby World Cup semi-final – live | Women’s Rugby World Cup 2021

Key eventsShow key events onlyPlease turn on JavaScript to use this featurePENALTY! New Zealand 3-10 France (Holmes, 29′)The full-back knocks it over and they reduce France’s lead to seven points.29 min: New Zealand kick to the corner and Ponsonby’s line-out if good. The maul marches on but France once again do well to bring it down legally. The Black Ferns get the advantage as the French are off their feet and New Zealand point to the sticks.27 min: It is a penalty over as it isn’t clearly above the horizontal, the crowd don’t like that. Tui is staying on.27 min: France get it back but Drouin’s kick goes straight out of play. Ponsonby’s line-out is lost and Bourdon clears the lines. Woodman catches the high ball and the Black Ferns look to strike. Tui gets absolutely thrown by Vernier and the New Zealander is injured here, TMO looking for a dangerous tackle here.25 min: Well, the crowd will have to get behind their team now. France are showing they are developing in this tournament. Against England their defence was impeccable but their attack was not clinical enough but today they are making sure they get the points on the board. The kicking game comes into play but New Zealand are running it now.TRY! New Zealand 0-10 France (R Menager, 23′)Sochat’s line-out is clean once more and France are looking for the first try of the match here. The maul is marching but New Zealand bring it down legally! They run it through the hands and R Menager is over! This is her first match since their game against France after sustaining a head injury, so valuable for this team. Drouin adds the extras.Updated at 06.56 GMT21 min: Apologies, it wasn’t a scrum it was a line-out. It is scrappy from France but they have it and Bourdon brings the kicking game into play, it is a great tactic in the end with Holmes’ kick out on the full. Another line-out sees the French maul and France have the advantage, Drouin kicks cross field and Woodman has it but we come back to the advantage. France kick to the corner.19 min: France come away with the ball from the scrum and Drouin kicks away. New Zealand again on the attack but they are building from halfway. Escudero makes three tackles in a row! This French defence is brutal and it works as New Zealand are loose once more and France have the scrum. 17 min: Deshaye is to continue but the pause was slightly longer as the players had a water break. Back underway now.17 min: New Zealand knock on through Rule! The hosts are shaken here but France aren’t quite settled either. France scrum but Deshaye is receiving treatment before the set piece.16 min: New Zealand’s driving maul is well defended by France as the hosts are forced to play with ball in hand. They think they have it down over the line but this time France hold it up over the line! What a defensive effort and France have a goal line drip out. New Zealand are quickly back with the ball and they set off in pursuit of their first points.14 min: France’s line-out was under pressure but they come away with it but they lose it at the breakdown with a knock on. After a reset at the New Zealand scrum they win the penalty! Demant boots the ball to the corner.Updated at 06.45 GMT12 min: Rule is able to continue and France’s line-out is good once more. France try quick flowing rugby but a pass to Fall doesn’t go to hand and Demant clears with a kick. Ponsonby’s line-out is good and New Zealand have their best attacking platform in this match. But France again do really well at the breakdown and they get the penalty. France are a real mean defensive outfit. However, all their good work is wasted with Drouin unable to find touch and Cocksedge finds a great touch.10 min: There is a break in play as Rule receives some treatment ahead of the French line-out.9 min: It has been all France so far and New Zealand will want to be on the attacking foot soon. Fall does really well to keep the ball with France as New Zealand looked as though they had turned it over. The French are building from deep here but as Menager tries to keep it in play, her pass is forward. New Zealand on the front foot now but not for long! France win the breakdown penalty, a really break start from them. Drouin kicks to the corner.PENALTY! New Zealand 0-3 France (Drouin, 7′)It is over from the fly-half. Game on!6 min: Filopon is almost through and France are just metres from the line here! They are into double figure phases but Bourdon is whacked backwards. France have the advantage and we come back for it as France are held up. The French point to the sticks, they want the points.4 min: Sochat’s line-out is good but New Zealand do well to defend the driving maul. The French run it through Bourdon and run through the phases. M Menager makes vital metres with Tui eventually bringing her down.2 min: New Zealand have an early penalty and they take it quickly. Boulard gets the kicking game into play but New Zealand decide to run it and there’s an uncharacteristic handling error – backwards though. But Bremner then knocks on a few phases later. A France scrum sees them come away with the penalty! They kick to the corner.Kick-off! New Zealand 0-0 FranceSo can France knock out the hosts? Or will New Zealand be able to batter down the impressive French defence? We will soon find out …Before today started this semi-final was harder to call than England’s. Then Canada almost caused an upset which has just made me more excited for this one! Who will get the win here? Kick-off coming in five minutes.The players will be out shortly and the haka and anthems will follow. The haka is always emotional and will be even more so with Eden Park filling up ahead of the match.Get in touch and let me know how you’re feeling this morning! You can reach me via Twitter or email, I am surprisingly very awake but I think that’s from the adrenaline from England’s win over Canada – a cracking match.A fun fact for you:The team news is here! New Zealand have made one change to their starting XV with Renee Holmes back in at full-back. The move sees Ruby Tui back on the win with Ayesha Leti-I’iga dropping to the benchNew Zealand starting XV: Renee Holmes; Ruby Tui, Stacey Fluhler, Theresa Fitzpatrick, Portia Woodman; Ruahei Demant, Kendra Cocksedge; Phillipa Love, Georgia Ponsonby, Amy Rule, Maiakawanakaukani Roos, Chelsea Bremner, Alana Bremner, Sarah Hirini, Liana Mikaele-Tu’u.Replacements: Luka Connor, Krystal Murray, Santo Taumata, Joanah Ngan-Woo, Kennedy Simon, Ariana Bayler, Hazel Tubic, Ayesha Leti-I’iga. Photograph: David Rowland/ReutersFrance, meanwhile, have also made one change with Romane Menager coming back into the squad. She had missed out on the last two games after sustaining a head injury against England.France starting XV: Emilie Boulard; Joanna Grisez, Maëlle Filopon, Gabrielle Vernier Marine Ménager; Caroline Drouin, Pauline Bourdon; Annaëlle Deshaye, Agathe Sochat, Clara Joyeux, Céline Ferer, Madoussou Fall, Gaëlle Hermet (captain), Charlotte Escudero, Romane Ménager.Replacements: Célia Domain, Coco Lindelauf, Assia Khalfaoui, Safi N’Diaye, Marjorie Mayans, Alexandra Chambon, Lina Queyroi, Chloé Jacquet.PreambleHello and welcome to the second semi-final of the Rugby World Cup! England have just beaten Canada in their semi which mean whoever wins this upcoming fixture will face the Red Roses in the final. And what a treat we have coming up with hosts New Zealand taking on France.The Black Ferns have wowed with their attack this tournament, particularly though Portia Woodman and Ruby Tui. They had answers for any question against Wales in their quarter-final but they face a different beast in France. The French have been electric in defence, only conceding one try when they played England in the pool stage. It will be difficult to batter down their defence but France’s attack is not always clinical so it will be an intriguing match up today.The team news is out so stay tuned for all the updates ahead of kick-off at 6.30am GMT.

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