Lord Frost ranks his OWN Brexit performance in bizarre admission on leaving the EU

Lord Frost sat down to discuss Brexit with radio host Nick Ferrari despite resigning from his position just months ago. The former Brexit negotiator was bizarrely asked to mark Brexit by giving it a grade. It has been two years since the Brexit deal was signed and some Brits are not happy that all of the terms and agreements have not been put into action. Lord Frost also explained that there is still work to do as Northern Ireland Brexit deals.

Mr Ferrari said: “We are two and a bit years into the Brexit that you signed.

“Were I to ask you to give it a grade as to how it has affected the British people, that’s to say (A)plus were in the land of milk and honey.

“And (C) minus were handing in rags, Lord Frost what’s the grade and why? Morning.”

Lord Frost said: “Morning, great to be here Nick excellent to talk.

So I think I would give it two marks if I’m allowed to do that, I think the Brexit we delivered I would say is (A) minus.

“I’m marking my own work there a little bit, I would say minus as is well known there’s a bit of work in Northern Ireland to get that completely right.

I think then what are we doing to take advantage of Brexit, I think a lot has been done, there’s a lot more that we could be doing.

“So I’d be saying (B) brackets plus.”