‘Her Majesty looking down on us’ William moved by ‘five rainbows’ on the day Queen died

Prince William said the Royal Family had seen “five rainbows” above Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands since his beloved grandmother, the Queen, died on September 8. The Prince and Princess of Wales met with volunteers and operational staff who were involved in facilitating the Committal Service for Her Majesty at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, on Monday watched by huge crowds. Prince William made the comments while chatting with a group of people.

Prince William said in conversation: “You hardly ever see rainbows up there, but there were five.”

Kate Middleton replied: “Her Majesty was looking down on us.”

The pair met the volunteers at Windsor’s Guildhall this afternoon, where they thanked those who ensured the events on Monday ran smoothly and efficiently.

And Prince William isn’t the only one to have spotted rainbows since the Queen’s death, as on the day hundreds of people took to social media to share their images of a “double rainbow” at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen died on September 8 at her beloved Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands, with William saying they “hardly ever see rainbows” on the estate.

The typical British summer weather played a vital role in how the Queen’s death will be remembered.

As viewers nervously watched the news coverage throughout the afternoon, it quickly became apparent the weather at Balmoral was reflecting the mood of the nation.

With cameras focused on the large gates at the main entrance to Balmoral, newsreaders and guards at the estate could be seen battling the elements as rain almost continually hammered down.

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Leanne Bethell wrote a post on Facebook saying: “Driving home and Lacey starts shouting OMG!

“I panicked…then she pointed this image out in the clouds. The Queen.”

The clouds looked like the outline of the Queen’s signature hairstyle, and what could be seen as her neck and shoulders looking towards the sun.

The weather throughout the historic day of the Queen’s death seemed to mimic the feeling of the nation and bring solace to many.