‘Had a plan for a serious party’: Rayner takes brutal pop at Boris as she slams ex-Tory PM

Angela Rayner took a pop at Boris Johnson over Partygate in a speech to close the Labour Party conference in Liverpool. She said: “We’re now into 12 years into Tory Government even if we are on our fourth Prime Minister and where are they now? David Cameron, the privatised Prime Minister sold to Greensill. What was his greatest achievement, fooling the Lib Dems? Not exactly a high bar.

“And then of course we had Theresa May. I remember her telling us that if you were a citizen of the world, you were a citizen of nowhere.

“If only we had known about their green cards and tax loopholes.

“Their politicians becoming like their donors, residents of everywhere and taxpayers of nowhere.

“Then there’s Boris Johnson. I do owe him one apology. I said he couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery.

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“Turns out he can organise a booze-up pretty much anywhere, just a shame he couldn’t organise anything else.

“We’re a party with a serious plan. He had a plan for a serious party.

“I’ll miss one thing though, as inflation ran out of control at least his jokes were one thing that got cheaper every week.

“But the real problem wasn’t that his jokes were so cheap but his mistakes were so expensive.

“Defenders of the free market? The market’s in free-fall. England’s green and pleasant land? Frack it.

“From the party of stability to causing earthquakes. From the party of business, to a slap down from the IMF.

“From the party of serious government to the party of parties.

“Liz Truss has even crashed the pork market. Now that is a disgrace. You’d think that snouts in the trough was the one thing they could manage.”