Great gran who celebrated turning 100 said her secret is ‘not speaking to strange men’

A 100-year-old woman said the secret to a long and happy life is “not speaking to strange men”. Olive Westerman travelled the world with husband Sam, a writer and travel clerk, and lived in Singapore for three years. She worked as a nursery nurse and said being around children has also kept her young at heart. The great-grandmother celebrated her landmark birthday with an afternoon tea with fellow care home residents.

Staff carried on the tradition her late husband Sam started by gifting her a bottle of Estee Lauder perfume for the big day.

Olive from South Kirby, West Yorkshire said: “Avoid talking to strange men and you’ll be just fine. I think that the best advice I could give is simply to be happy and content to be alive, and to make the most of what you have. Over the years I have spent a lot of time working with children, and this will certainly help to keep you young at heart!

“I actually can’t believe I’m now 100, but it feels amazing. I was absolutely thrilled to receive a card from King Charles and Camilla.”

Olive turned 100 on January 16, 2022 at Deewater Grange residential home in Chester and enjoyed a high tea at Inglewood Manor.

The centenarian is well known at the home for her sense of humour and love of travelling.

She said: “I have spent some time living overseas and my favourite place to live was Singapore – I loved it there.

“It was such an interesting and exciting place to be, and so different from England.”

Olive added: “Me and my husband met at the local church we used to attend every Sunday.

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“We got chatting one day after mass and we hit it off immediately.

“What I loved about him most was his kind and gentle nature, and the fact he was always trying to help others.”