GB News: ‘Disrupter’ Elon Musk’s latest £34 million Twitter bid leaves people shaken

The Tesla chief executive and world’s richest person revealed in a regulatory filing on Thursday that he had launched a hostile takeover of Twitter. He further confirmed the move in a public appearance at the TED conference in Vancouver later that day.

During an interview with Chris Anderson, Ted conferences curator and a former editor of Wired, Mr Musk said: “Having a public platform that is massively trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization.”

Discussing the move on GB News, Dan Wootton asked British rapper Zuby what he thinks about Mr Musk and his proposal.

Zuby said: “I think we live in very interesting and unprecedented times.

“I have never seen a move like this, let alone be able to see it play out in the real world, as we are saying.

“I think, Elon, beyond any type of politics, Elon Musk is a disrupter. I have been on the Twitter platform for over 12 years.

“As time has gone on, it’s become a lot more censorious, they have moved against their original free speech principles.

“I think the fact this is even shining a spotlight on the censorship effect and what’s going on Twitter for those who may not even be aware. I think that in itself is very powerful.

“From a business perspective, having $200 billion-plus dollars is a lot to throw around, whether or not Twitter will accept the deal that remains to be seen.”

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“Twitter is one of his favourite platforms and it’s a lot of fun for him to be the centre of attention on Twitter.

“If nothing happens, he has dominated the news story which, I think, is one of his goals

“It doesn’t seem like a serious bid, he hasn’t explained how he is going to finance it.”