Gabe Watkins releases debut single, ‘Flowers From Japan’

Thai-Australian singer Gabe Watkins is ready to take us all on a trip down memory lane as if we’re in a coming-of-age movie. The 19-year-old singer and producer released “Flowers From Japan” as his debut single under Thai record label What The Duck. The song is all about long-distance relationships, based on his personal experience. Gabe got the idea for this song from a voicemail when he called his girlfriend.  “For me, ‘Flowers From Japan’ is a song about missing someone,” he expresses.

Along with the single drop is a music video starring Gabe himself and his partner, Soda Fowler. The MV highlights Gabe and Soda enjoying their time together, only to be separated by a long train ride. 

Prior to the release, Gabe was studying music production and recently expressed his desire to do music full-time. After joining What The Duck, Gabe decided to take a gap year from university so he could focus more on creating music. Before coming to the label, Gabe had two independent releases under his belt, namely “One Summer” and “Blue Skies”- each with over 200K streams on YouTube.

“Ultimately I’d like to use my platform for good. Like sharing content that I’m passionate about or content that would educate people,” Gabe states. “For the most part, I just want my music to help people positively. Whether that’s lifting someone’s mood, calming them when they’re stressed or sad, or just vibing.” 

Whichever part of the world you are in, Gabe Watkins hopes you enjoy his brand of feel-good pop music. “Flowers From Japan” is out now everywhere.