Energy bills help: One cheap trick tipped to help households save £1290 this winter

Britons are currently reeling from the worst impacts of a global fossil fuel energy crisis, with analysts warning that by this October, household energy bills could reach an eyewatering £3,300 a year. The price of wholesale gas has skyrocketed over the past year, as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Ofgem has warned that as a result of the price cap increases, millions of families now face being thrust into fuel poverty.

With this in mind, experts at Unbeatable Blinds have claimed that by switching your regular blinds or curtains to thermal blinds, households can keep warm and save a staggering 40 percent on heating bills once winter arrives.

With research firm Cornwall Insight predicting that the energy price cap is on track to rise to £3,244 a year in October, thermal blinds could save up to £1290 a month.

Unbeatable Blinds note that aside preventing heat from escaping during the winter, thermal blinds could also help keep cool during the summer.

Experts from the company said: “Finding the right thermal blind for you and using it correctly can significantly lower the cost of those ever-increasing energy bills.

“Thermal Blinds are designed to offer incredible temperature control all year round.”

During winter months, these blinds act as a layer of insulation and prevent cold air from entering the home.

However, they are still practical in summer, as they can reflect heat and sunlight, keeping your home cool.

The experts noted: “Aluminium coated blinds with honeycomb pockets are particularly good at regulating temperature as they trap air inside.

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