Elderly dog chained to wall entire life overlooked at shelter with no offers for new home

Felix the greyhound was fed only scraps of human food and wasn’t able to run around after being kept on a tiny short chain for his entire life. He was kept in these conditions in all weathers but is now seeking a home where he can spend his final years.

When taken in by a rescue shelter, the dog was described as having “just had enough of life”.

Natalia George, the founder of Flori’s Friends Rescue in Kent, noted that when Felix first came into her care he was tired and depressed.

He’s undergone a transformation though under the care of rescue centre staff who have used care, love and attention, to coax him out of his shell.

Staff at Natalia’s rescue said Felix really adores humans and other dogs, but may have been overlooked by prospective adopters due to his age.

Natalia describes Felix as being “a sweet, darling boy” who loves to have fun, despite being nine years old,

She told The Mirror: “He is the perfect dog despite being chained to a wall his entire life, and for some reason, not one person has applied to adopt him – potentially because he is older.

“We really want to find Felix a forever family to show him that there is some fun to be had still for him.”

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The pooch is also said to enjoy spending time outdoors and playing in the garden.

His new owners will need to be familiar with greyhounds or similar breeds to ensure he receives the right kind of care.

Owners should also be aware that Felix had to have some of his front teeth removed due to the suffering he endured prior to being rescued.

Natalia added: “We would like to see Felix in a nice home for his golden years that can offer him plenty of time, love and patience and a nice garden.”

While older than other dogs in rescue centres, staff have said that Felix still likes to play and enjoy himself.

If you are interested in adopting Felix and giving him a loving retirement home, you can visit his profile on Flori’s Friends Rescue here.

Additional reporting by Nia Dalton