Dramatic moment Russian soldiers are wiped out by Ukraine ‘death ray’ weapon

This is the moment soldiers were wiped out by a precision strike while trying to navigate through a damaged field in eastern . Footage shared by Ukrainian officer Anatoly Shtefan showed three soldiers walking in between mortar shell craters when they are suddenly struck by a missile. As their peers attempt to pull them to cover following the attack, further strikes are fired, sending the soldiers fleeing.

Mr Shtefan, who shared the footage, tweeted: “Whoever comes to our land with a sword will die by the sword.”

He added: “High-quality work of the unit in the eastern direction [of Ukraine].”

It is believed that the weapon used to strike the Russian soldiers was a Stugna-P, which is a Ukrainian anti-tank missile shooter.

The weapon can pinpoint targets and penetrate armour up to 800mm thick.

While the Russian soldiers were caught in the open and with little defences, such a small target is difficult to hit with a gun purpose-built to deter tanks.

One Twitter user, replying to the video, suggested the person operating the anti-tank weapon must be “the best anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) operator on Earth”.

They said: “Whoever landed those three shots is, without a doubt, the best ATGM operator on Earth. He’s practically sniping with it.”

Other users, however, questioned whether the weapon used by Ukrainian forces was actually a Stugna-P.

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