Calorific: which high street meals are the most and least fattening?

From Wednesday, restaurant and cafe chains with more than 250 staff will be required, by law, to display on their menus how many calories are in their meals.

The new legislation has been introduced as part of the government’s attempt to address obesity in the UK. Here is a roundup of meals available on the high street that are surprisingly high – or low – in calories.

Wagamama firecracker tofu curry – 1,208 kilocalories (kcal)

One serving of Wagamama’s firecracker tofu curry contains over half of the daily recommended calorie intake for adults. One serving has 28g of protein, 153g of carbohydrates and 47g of fat.

CÔTE burger – 1,456 kcal

A burger from Côte contains 1,456 calories, and comes with reblochon cheese, truffle mayonnaise, caramelised red onion, brioche bun and frites.

Domino’s large Meatfielder pizza – 2,622 kcal

A whole large Meatfielder pizza from Domino’s, which contains cheese, pepperoni, bacon, ham, pork meatballs and chorizo, is over 2,600 calories. Other pizzas that are also high in calories includes the original cheese and tomato (2,171 kcal) and the Meateor (2,742 kcal).

Nando’s Fino Pitta – 817 kcal

A Nando’s Fino Pitta bread, which is two chicken thighs with halloumi cheese and salad in a pitta bread, is 817 calories on its own. Combined with peri chips and garlic bread, this meal would contain 1,629 calories.

Wetherspoon large breakfast – 1,412 kcal

A Wetherspoon’s large breakfast – two fried eggs, bacon, two sausages, baked beans, three hash browns, mushroom, two slices of toast and some Lurpak spreadable – tips the scales at 1,412 kcal.

The vegetarian breakfast, which is two fried eggs, three Quorn vegan sausages, baked beans, three hash browns, mushroom, tomato, two slices of toast and Lurpak, is 1,357.

Pizza Express chicken caesar salad – 704 kcal

One serving of Pizza Express’ chicken caesar salad has 704 calories, and includes 45g of fat and 49g of sugar.

Starbucks large signature caramel hot chocolate with oat milk – 758 kcal

This Starbucks beverage has 758 calories per serving, which consists mostly of sugar; there are 93 grams in a large (venti) portion.

Ask Italian From Calabria With Love pizza – 1,385 kcal

Ask Italian’s riery Calabrian pizza, with n’duja sausage meat, pepperoni, mozzarella and ricotta cheese on a tomato base with breadcrumbs and honey, is 1,385 calories for a regular portion.

Large sweet popcorn at Vue cinema – 966 kcal

Vue Cinemas’ silver screen snack contains 966 calories per serving. The salted popcorn large portion is slightly less, at 768 calories.

KFC mini fillet burger – 290 kcal

KFC’s mini-burger has only 290 calories, with 11 grams of fat, 18 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates.

McDonald’s hamburger – 250 kcal

A basic McDonald’s burger is only 250 calories, making it one of the less fattening options on the menu. Others include the Filet-o-Fish, which is 329 calories, and the grilled chicken sandwich, which is 280.

Pho’s steak Vietnamese noodle soup – 287 kcal

Pho’s steak noodle soup, which consists of rice noodles in a broth, is only 287 calories. Other low-calorie options include king prawn noodle soup (305 calories) and 3 mushrooms noodle soup (290).

Starbucks iced flat white – 150 kcal

Starbucks does offer lower calorie options with much less sugar than their signature hot chocolate, with a standard iced flat white having 150 calories.