Brexit LIVE: Expat warning as major banks to SHUT British accounts due to EU red tape

The European Union would use Nicola Sturgeon’s plot to obtain Scottish independence to make relations “more difficult” with Brexit Britain, a former Tory MSP has claimed.

Michelle Ballantyne went on GB News to discuss the issues she believes Scotland will face if the country becomes independent.

Ms Ballantyne said: “There is no way now, now we’ve left the EU, that you can ignore the fact that if Scotland left the UK, in particular, if it tried to become part of the EU that a border it going to be created.

“Because Scotland would in effect become a foreign country. If it joined the EU it would be part of the bloc

“Now again, that’s going to be a long and torturous journey, but I think the short term the EU would use Scotland leaving the UK to basically be even more difficult in its relationship with the UK.

“It would celebrate it, it would crow about it, but actually, it wouldn’t turn around and let Scotland in.

“Scotland would still have to meet the requirements of the EU and frankly, Scotland is not going to be a net contributor to the EU’s budget and they’re certainly not going to want to take on another country that has financial difficulties, and Scotland has a very large deficit.”