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Every business has something to sell: a service, a product, or conveniences. 

However, few businesses set out with the stated goal of selling the one thing money is challenged to buy — time. 

The guiding principle behind Detroit-based concierge courier service ZOOM 2DAY Deliveries is to grant clients the freedom to reclaim some of their precious time by outsourcing daily errands, time-sensitive deliveries and a variety of other tasks. 

Operations Manager, Orlando J. Boyd of ZOOM 2DAY Deliveries, said the company can deliver cargo ranging anywhere from medical prescriptions and lab results to expediting manufactured materials — with the overall mission of saving individuals and businesses invaluable time.  

“Even though we’re a delivery service, we focus on buying time back for the customer and we do it in a very personable way,” Boyd said. “Our concierge service specializes in same-day delivery to save time for our customers. And the results have created an expanded appreciation for how and why we do what we do which has attracted the interest of small to mid-size companies and some government verticals.”  

The ZOOM 2DAY Deliveries experience is meant to evoke the feeling of neighbors helping neighbors, not just a company making a sale, Boyd added.  

“Those who have used our services have been very pleased with the level of respect given, attention to detail, turnaround time, the equipment we use, our presentation, our courtesy, and by these characteristics our ability to differentiate ourselves from other couriers — our competitors all make deliveries, but there’s no personality attached to express why they do what they do,” he said. “There’s no connection to the character of the individual that says, ‘I care about your time and what this delivery means to you and the recipient.’ Our customers have indicated transactional experiences are not as pleasant nor preferred as much as the concierge delivery service we provide.”  

That personal touch and dedication to saving time has roots that stretch back to 1925 when investors including Dr. Robert Greenidge founded with others the Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery. Dr. Robert Greenidge is also the grandfather of current ZOOM 2DAY CEO Wilbur Hughes III. Having three locations, Detroit Memorial Park is the only black-owned cemetery in Michigan. In 1985, Hughes took over as CEO of the cemetery and saw an opportunity to fill a need in the local community. In 1999, ZOOM 2DAY Deliveries was born.   

“Once [Hughes] became the CEO of the cemetery, there were some indicators that the business services piece needed to expand,” Boyd said. “It was difficult to ignore how many people [coming in for cemetery services] felt and expressed the disappointment of lost time. We saw that as an opportunity to add value to what might be considered the front end of the cemetery business. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do and an equal amount of time in a day to do it. No judgment. However, based on the thousands of people who have misprioritized or wasted time doing other things instead of spending time on what matters most, it made a very clear impression that time is very valuable and marketable. What better way to deal with that than to provide a concierge delivery service to help people buy back their time?”  

As a personalized and community-oriented service, ZOOM 2DAY Deliveries has built a reputation on service, quality and flexibility. However, that’s only the beginning stage of a long road toward becoming a household name.  

“Our goal is to help the individual, the moguls, and corporations recover time by expanding our capability to sell time while continuing to support diversity, honor our history, and rise to the level of household name recognition synonymous with those who know and can relate to the Detroit grit. That’s our immediate focus,” Boyd said.  

Informed by a rich history and driven by a dedication to unparalleled service, the ZOOM 2DAY family is on a mission to give the gift of time while demonstrating the work ethic that put the Motor City on the map.  

“We’ve earned everything we’ve got and we’re continuing to prove that we are excellent in who we are as people, and we want to serve people,” Boyd said. “What we want is to show that [we have] the grit of Detroit that’s been around as long as Detroit has been around. It’s in the blood, it’s in the DNA of this organization.”  

To schedule a service, visit ZOOM 2DAY.com or call 248-855-8600.

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