Martin Lewis on how to work out if you’re better off fixing as energy bills to hit £3,000

Mr Lewis explained: “The big question is, ‘Should you be fixing now?’ Now to decide whether you fix or not is actually rather complicated. What you have to look at is what you will pay over the next year on the price cap.

‘If you look at that, you’ve got around three and a half months left on the current price cap, then three months on the October price cap, three months on the January price cap, and a couple of months on the April price cap.

“Therefore, if you can find a fix at 40 percent or less than you’re currently paying, or if you’re really risk averse or not priced at 45 percent or less than you’re currently paying, then that looks like it adds up.”

However, Mr Lewis warned that many of the fixed tariffs on offer may not be available to new customers of energy suppliers.