Claiming Carer’s Allowance could affect other DWP benefits – don’t get caught out

Campaigners are urging people to check their entitlement to benefits as millions struggle amid the cost of living crisis. The worry is that some people could be put off applying for Carer’s Allowance as they believe it will affect their entitlement to other DWP benefits.

Claiming Carer’s Allowance could affect Britons’ entitlement to state benefits but putting in an application shouldn’t mean they end up with less money.

The DWP has confirmed in its latest guidance that total benefits will usually go up or stay the same, but they shouldn’t decrease.

However, it’s important to note that applying for Carer’s Allowance could mean the person being cared for stops receiving help towards council tax.

It could also lead to them not receiving severe Disability Premium paid with their benefits or an extra amount of severe disability paid with Pension Credit.

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On the Government website it states: “When you claim Carer’s Allowance your other benefit payments may change, but your total benefit payments will usually either go up or stay the same.

“Carer’s Allowance does not count towards the benefit cap.”

Carer’s Allowance also acts as a gateway benefit to further financial help such as Universal Credit payments, housing benefit and reduced council tax bills.

On top of this they are also entitled to additional discounts worth approximately £2,000 a year.

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Carers could be entitled to:

  • Universal Credit payments from the DWP
  • They may also be able to get help with housing payments if they are entitled to Universal Credit
  • Some Universal Credit claimants also get help towards their council tax bills
  • Check schemes like WaterSure for up to 50 percent off water bills
  • People who aren’t eligible for Carer’s Allowance might get the Carer’s Element of Universal Credit
  • Discounts on shopping and bills at
  • A cashback card for carers at
  • Days out – The National Trust and English Heritage give free entry to carers or companions of disabled visitors.
  • A free bus pass – people should see their local council website for details.
  • The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association allows a disabled cinema customer to get a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them.